Area Activities

Iron County’s residents enjoy a lifestyle characterized by unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities and various indoor activities which abound during all seasons. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a trophy fish, the winter stillness of a cross-country ski trail, the finest small game and deer hunting, a camping or boating experience, to a night of fine dining or theater events, you can find it in Iron County.

About 41,500 of the County’s 788,070 acres are in lakes and streams, and over 424,665 acres of forested land are open to the public. The Ottawa National Forest (178,000 acres) occupies the western half of the county, and state and private forest lands dominate the eastern half.

Indoors, Iron County is home to a rare pipe organ used during the silent movie era, and fine dining available in the various restaurants.

Listed below are some area activities that can be found in Iron County during each season.

Spring/Summer Outdoors Autumn/Winter Outdoors Year Round Indoors & Outdoors