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Welcome to the Iron County Economic Development Corporation

Our mission statement:

To implement strategies that will increase job opportunity, tax base and quality of life within the county of Iron.

Business planning assistance:

No cost business planning services for existing and start-up businesses are offered to residents and those seeking to start a business in Iron county. To receive information on how we can assist in helping to start or grow your business in Iron County, call (906-875-6688) or e-mail us today!

Incentive and funding assistance:

  • Revolving Loan Funds
  • Tax Free Renaissance Zone within the City of Crystal Falls – Includes exemptions from business, personal income, personal property, real property and utility taxes
  • Industrial Property Tax abatements throughout the County
  • Commercial Property/Housing Property Tax Abatements within the Cities of Iron River and Caspian
  • Personal Property (machinery and equipment) Tax Abatement within the Cities of Iron River and Caspian
  • No Cost Land if jobs are created

Site location assistance:

The EDC offers assistance in identifying and analyzing the many low or no cost sites to help ensure your business chooses the best available option. The EDC will also work to ensure adequate infrastructure is available.

The Crystal Falls Industrial Park has been designated a Renaissance Zone!

This is exciting news for the City of Crystal Falls and a wonderful opportunity for Business relocation into the recently upgraded Industrial Park!

What does Renaissance Zone mean for those locating there:

TAX RELIEF – You don’t pay

  • Single Business Tax
  • State personal income tax
  • 6-mill State Education tax
  • Local personal property tax
  • Local real property tax
  • Local income tax
  • Utility Users tax

NO PAPERWORK – Businesses who move into a zone can just start keeping their tax dollars!

  • Social Security Tax
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Sewer and water fees
  • Property taxes resulting from local bonded indebtedness or special assessments
  • State 6 percent sales tax (Michigan does not allow local sales taxes)

Renaissance Zones are regions of the state set aside as virtually tax-free for any business or resident presently located in or moving to one of the zones- and there is no paperwork. The program has been so successful that it has been expanded to 20 zones from the original 11 established in 1996. with this expansion to 20 zones, there are now 112 geographic areas in Michigan that are virtually tax-free. And the City of Crystal Falls Industrial Park is one of these!

Renaissance Zones are an economic development breakthrough that originated here in Michigan, and are now being copied by other states. The 20 zones have spurred more than $776 million of private investment in 211 projects and the creation of 5,600 jobs.

For more information, contact the City Manager at 906-875-6647 or the Iron County Economic Development Corporation at 906-875-6688 or by email to:

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity for your business