Investments in Iron County

Welcome to Iron County – A great place to live, a great place to do business. In addition to being a recreational center, there are numerous incentives available designed to promote growth of commercial and industrial enterprise. Contact the Iron County EDC for assistance in examining the ripe opportunities that exist in Iron County, located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Our mission statement

To implement strategies that will increase job opportunity, tax base and quality of life within the county of Iron.

Business planning assistance

No cost business planning services for existing and start-up businesses are offered in partnership with 1st Step, Inc. To recieve information on how we can assist in helping to start or grow your business in Iron County, call (906.875.6688) or send a message by e-mail us today!

Incentive and funding assistance

  • Revolving Loan Fund
  • Tax Free Renaissance Zone within the City of Crystal Falls – Includes exemptions from business, personal income, personal property, real property and utility taxes
  • Industrial Property Tax abatements throughout the County
  • Commercial Property/Housing Property Tax Abatements within the Cities of Iron River and Caspian
  • Personal Property (machinery and equipment) Tax Abatement within the Cities of Iron River and Caspian
  • No Cost Land if jobs are created
Turo Land and Lumber is one of many forestry related businesses in Iron County. Iron County Economic Development Corporation has asissted with financing, planning, and supporting projects that are creating jobs in the county. The abundance of natural resources available provides business and job opportunties that the Iron County Econonmic Development Corporation is proud to support. Investment in the county has increased becase of the colaboration between the businesses and local, state and federal agencies working together to create jobs and improve infrastructure investments.

“Michigan’s forests contribute significantly to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of its citizens. There are over 1,400 forest products manufacturing facilities in Michigan, with more than an additional 1,700 business units related to forest products manufacturing (logging companies, consulting foresters, wholesalers). One out of every ten manufacturing jobs in Michigan is accounted for by the forest products industry. When considering direct and indirect effects of the industry on the state’s economy, the total economic benefit of the forest products industry is greater than $12 billion and represents over 150,000 jobs. The value of Michigan’s forests can be divided into distinct sectors – manufacturing, timber lands, and forest recreation. In most rural communities, the forest products industry is the leading employer and largest economic contributor.” (Source: Michigan Forest Products Council Website.)


Site location assistance

The EDC offers assistance in identifying and analyzing the many low or no cost sites to help ensure your business chooses the best available option. The EDC will also work to ensure adequate infrastructure is available.

Local Real Estate Agencies are also available to assist in locating available sites within the county.

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